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Everything you need to make being vegan the easiest part of your life!

You thought you'd grab a couple of blocks of tofu, a carton of oat milk, and maybe a packet of vegan cheese and *BAM* you'd be vegan.

But you're discovering being vegan is nowhere near as easy as they made it out to be.

None of your local takeaways actually do vegan options, and you're over having to figure it out on your own.

The novelty of vegan nuggets and beyond burgers has worn off and your family is starting to revolt.

And honestly, you're starting to see that this whole vegan diet thing is more all-consuming than you thought it would be!

When you're not wondering what you could possibly make for dinner, you're worrying that your kids aren't getting enough iron. When it's not iron, you're wondering about B12 and calcium! And if you hear one more question about your kids' protein, you're going to scream.

And it's a little lonely to not be able to meet a friend for coffee anymore without having to check the menu first to make sure there's something you can actually eat.

And seriously, let’s not get started about the avocado toast... 🤣

It kills me as a vegan nutritionist that the challenges of actually making a vegan diet work make people forget about all of the incredible reasons they made the choice in the first place!

But it doesn't have to be like that.

You CAN trust that this is the right choice for you and your family.

You CAN believe in your decision so wholeheartedly that you never second-guess it.

You CAN do this, knowing that you will never have to go back to enabling the meat industry ever again!

And you CAN do it with a supportive community that ensures your long-term and sustainable success.

Let me just say, as a vegan nutritionist, and mum of 2 growing boys, I get it.

Gen Rees-Carter

Let's be clear: going vegan is a huge change.

Not only are you completely changing the way you eat, but you're changing the way you think and your very morals. It's massive.

And the truth is, making that much of a change is hard, and not everyone is able to stick with it.

But I've got your back, and I'm giving you all the tools you need to make being vegan your way of life.

You don't have to do it alone.

The Vegan Families Club is so much more than just a set of Meal Plans.

The Vegan Families Club is backed by decades of psychology research. I use the proven principles of Food Behaviour Theory to make going vegan easy for you.


You're more likely to stick to a way of eating that's familiar. So the recipes in the meal plans are based on the types of food you would have eaten as an omnivore and your kids will love eating food that's just like the other kids at school.


If you're going to stick to a new way of eating, it has to be easy. I'm a busy mum, you're a busy mum. Trust me, you won't be boiling beans for hours to make my recipes!


Food is part of our culture, and part of our community. And if you're stuck over on your own eating salad you brought from home, being vegan is going to be a LOT harder. But you don't have to do it alone. I can't wait for you to be part of my community.


The more you know about vegan nutrition, the more empowered you'll be to keep at it. I'll teach you everything you need to know to tell Uncle Barry exactly where to stick his vegan protein article.

Going vegan is more than just switching out a few foods. It's a whole lifestyle change, and the Vegan Families Club is here to make it easy for you.

"As a mother of two non-vegan picky eaters I am always looking for new and nutritious recipes. I regularly turn to Gen's easy to follow, convenient, and delicious recipes to feed my family and especially my picky kids. Thanks Gen for posting such great recipes that we love!"

Instead of spending hours trawling through blogs and recipe books looking for recipes your kids will actually eat, you can have all of your meals for the week organised in minutes.

You won't have to throw out your kids uneaten lunches every day (yeah, I'd get bored with hummus sandwiches every day too...) your kids will actually be excited about their school lunches.

They'll be the kids with the cool lunches that everyone else wants, and your mum friends will be asking you for your recipes (yeah, even the non-vegan ones!).

Family events will no longer be stressful, because you'll be so confident your kids are getting everything they need, Aunt Mary's protein questions won't even register. You'll be so assured about their diets you simply won't care.

And you won't feel like you're the only vegan in the world ever again. Your new community will actually get how painful it really is to have to sit and be quiet while your friends all eat meat around you. Or how traumatising it is when the pizza place puts real bacon on your pizza.

You'll have friends to go to for advice when you're trying to decide whether to just let your kids have the birthday cake at the party on the weekend.

As wonderful as your non-vegan friends are, sometimes you need other vegan parents that truly understand what you're going through.

The Vegan Families Club makes it easy to go vegan from every angle.

The Food

Get access to over 400 family friendly vegan recipes that have been developed specifically for busy vegan families. I'm a busy mum too, so I know your family needs easy, delicious meals every day.

Super quick no-prep and easy-bake dinners for those nights when you have no energy to cook
30-minute dinners, so you're not spending hours in the kitchen
Easy weekday lunches for work, family friendly lunches for weekends
On the go breakfasts for busy school mornings
Nut free lunchbox recipes that your kids will be excited about
Super boosted snacks that are packed full of iron, zinc and protein for growing kids
Allergy Friendly Options, Including gluten free, nut free and soy free
More recipes added every week

The Meal Plans

Fully flexible meal plans that allow you to make the recipes work around your schedule.

Full meal plan to plan out your breakfasts, lunches, snacks and family dinners for the week

Optional kids meal plan to organise their breakfasts, snacks and lunches for the school week - your kids don't eat the same things as you, so their meal plans should be different too!

And it's all organised in one mobile friendly shopping list that you can take to the shops

Make your week easier with the easy meal prep tips. A couple of hours on the weekend will mean that you can get a delicious healthy meal on the table in minutes through the week

Fully customisable, with metric and imperial units and flexible servings on all recipes

The Nutrition

All the nutrition information you need to be 100% confident you're doing the best thing for your family.

Every recipe comes with a detailed nutrition breakdown, including the essential nutrients iron, calcium and zinc for healthy vegan kids, so you'll know that your kids are getting all the nutrition they need

Vegans have different nutrition needs to omnivores, and vegan kids especially need to focus on different nutrients to grow up healthy and strong

Monthly vegan nutrition masterclasses on topics specifically for families - because vegans have different nutrition needs to omnivores

The Community

No more being the only vegan family you know! You'll be part of an amazing community where you can talk about everything from the barista getting your milk order wrong, to suggestions for how to make sure your teenage daughter is getting enough iron. And I'll be right there with you to answer any questions you have.

"The nutrition assessment was thorough, practical and so reassuring. Highly recommended for any vegan child. I’ve studied lots of general resources though the personalised nature of the assessment gave me specific and practical steps to support me to ensure my son is meeting and continues to meet his nutrition requirements. The process was easy and the advice was supportive while being clear. Thank you Gen"

Yes! Being vegan can actually be as easy as being an omnivore!

You can make amazing, easy to prepare vegan food that your kids actually eat!
You can be part of the most amazing group of people who actually get you.
Your family's stories about vegan iron studies and kids dying from protein deficiency won't even bother you because you'll be so sure your family is getting everything they need from their vegan diets.
And just think of what you could do on the weekend if you didn't have to spend hours meal planning. Play with your kids? Read a book? Have a nap?

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Hey there,

My name is Gen and I'm a vegan nutritionist, and mum to 2 growing vegan boys. I have a Graduate Certificate in Human Nutrition. While I was studying nutrition at university, I fell in love with the psychology behind why we eat what we do. Our food choices are so complex, and so much is dependent on our environment and community.

I honestly believe that a plant based diet is the healthiest diet for us, our children, our planet, and of course, the animals. But unfortunately, going vegan can be hard in our meat and dairy loving society, and especially for families. So I have developed the Vegan Families Club based on the principles of Food Behaviour, to make being vegan accessible to as many people as possible.

I can't wait to join you on your vegan journey!

Gen xx